UNRUH - Tomb 3xLP discography

$25.00 - On Sale

LP1 = Misery Strengthened Faith LP
LP2 = Setting Fire To Sinking Ships LP
LP3 = Singles & EP's (collects 7"s, splits, demos and comp tracks)

Within the half decade of their existence, UNRUH churned out a respectable arsenal of recorded works, including several demos, two LPs through King Of The Monsters and Pessimiser, several split releases and EPs, notable compilation inclusions and more, all of which are now being collectively re-released in a 3-LP box set, Tomb. The massive package will include the Misery Strengthened Faith and Setting Fire To Sinking Ships LP's as well as an entire third platter of B-Sides, amassing the two demos, the band’s splits with Enewetak and Creation Is Crucifixion, the Friendly Fire EP and their material from the Seven Deadly Sins and Cry Now, Cry Later compilations.

Limited to 499 copies, and comes in two color variants: 155 on grey vinyl and 354 on black vinyl.

Comes with digital download card with a bonus live set from CBGBs recorded on their 1997 tour with Fall Silent.