THOU - Heathen 2xLP

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In 2005, amidst the frothing of the twelve teats of Baba Jaga, six gelatinous, ebony pearls—blacker than the darkest midnight and thick with seething necromancies—descended on the fertile Louisiana swamplands. Alas! Hurricane gusts blew one droplet to the east, where it was lost in a labyrinth of space and time. But the other four flew westward to the Capital City where four grew tall and strong, honing their fell might and channeling their minds across the winds of time and distance to find their erstwhile brothers. For two long years did their minds' eyes search the ether realms. In 2007, their okkult delvings reaped a bountiful yield, and the Fifth's emaciated Gollum-esque form was fetched from across the broad Bonnet Carré expanse. In 2010, the Sixth's hairy visage was emerged from its stasis to take up the swords of the Fallen. Their circle of power has evermore been complete.THOU’s fourth full length album. For fans of nature, the sensual world, sexual decadence, pain and ecstasy, actively experiencing the present, etc.

on Vendetta (Germany)

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