SUTEKH HEXEN - Monument Of Decay LP

Image of SUTEKH HEXEN - Monument Of Decay LP


"War to the death against depravity - depravity is Christianity."
- Friedrich Nietzsche.

More fitting words could perhaps not be uttered to better describe the spirit(s) in which Sutekh Hexen operates. The sound formed is one of a layered, unrelenting and hellish black mælstrom, fitting to the rubric implied in the aforementioned quote and a quality that also manifests itself in the band's interfacing with the public at large as well as it's very own structure; outwardly projected hatred, and a membership that is churned through like a cult. The result is a furious stream of unique releases, with each one the darkness radiating outward. This moment proper sees a more fully formed line-up, and, for this project, more orthodox instrumentation; vocals/effects, dual guitars, and live percussion. Four tracks come together for a 45 RPM 12" EP release. Jackets are pro-printed full color with spot copper printing and an internal copper flood.

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