Image of SORE EYELIDS - For Now LP


The long-awaited sophomore effort from Sore Eyelids is finally unveiled, in all of its gloom and glory. The Swedish band, which features members of Suis La Lune, seamlessly capture the dreamy tones of shoegaze, punctuated by twinkly flashes of energetic pop, driving post-punk, and the strain of emotional post-hardcore. Fans of their debut LP will revel in the continuation of that earnest and morose approach, while appreciating the new depth created this time. Listeners, new and seasoned, will get their daily dose of tremolo, reverb, distortion, melody, and bittersweet hangover here. For fans of Suis La Lune, My Bloody Valentine, Kill Holiday, Raein, Death of Lovers, and Nothing.

clear vinyl
on PRotagonist Music