MOLOCH / CLOSURE split 7" (us/canada only)

Image of MOLOCH / CLOSURE split 7" (us/canada only)

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- Moloch - UK sludge doom violence
- Closure - UK powerviolence

Harking back to the 90s when Sludge & PV bands went arm in arm. MOLOCH follow their splits with Thou (Southern Lord) and Rot in Hell (Deathwish) with one pained and doomed HC sludge track. Closure pound through their final ever 4 tracks of fast / slow powerviolence. CLOSURE members have gone on to be in – Rot in Hell, Perspex Flesh, Anguish and Vinegar Strokes. Brutal and ugly.

A split release between Feast of Tentacles (UK) and King of the Monsters (US).

UK / EUROPE order from Feast Of Tentacles-