KHMER - Nubes Que Anuncian Tormenta LP

Image of KHMER - Nubes Que Anuncian Tormenta LP


“Quick d-beat aggression pounds alongside screeches that would feel right at home in any Northern European horde. The riffs are furious, the tempo-changes blindsiding. Both guitarists feed off each other’s violent harmonies to create a brick wall of sound, continuously building itself up only to be brought down by its own weight. The Madrid quintet realizes a Converge-like aesthetic dipped into a molten pot of blackened filth, dripping with ferocity and grime and polished just enough to be palatable…
…Khmer races through their quarter-hour debut with absolutely no filler, because they have no time to waste. Their hate is real, their wounds fresh. Eschewing customary bureaucracies and for-profit nonsense, the band created Khmer in exactly the way this music should be made. The volume and talent shown here is loud and clear, immediately proving their potential to be a leading force in the coming mini-revolution. We hear your anger, and we’re listening.” ~Cvlt Nation

on Halo Of Flies