AGARTTHA - A Water Which Does Not Wet Hands LP

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From the backward special theatre of archetypes, AGARTTHA is a flashing Journey into the past dream of a gypsy moth whom powder ferries the listener into the twists and turns of unconscious among the remote architectures of black pointed stones and echoes of warmth and light.

AGARTTHA is the solo project of the italian musician Francesca Marongiu, already in Architeuthis Rex along with Antonio Gallucci. "A Water Which Does Not Wet Hands" is inspired by the namesake book of Sendivogius, a Polish pioneer in alchemical studies and it deals with the Jungian archetypes, in particular with the apocalyptic dreams and premonitions of the daughter of Jung friend, an 8 year old child which dreamed for awhile about death symbols and drew them in a small book before dying of an improvise and fatal illness.

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110 on purple vinyl
330 on black vinyl